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How to Fund Rehab: Grants, Scholarships, and Insurance

Funding rehab is a daily topic of conversation in the lives of many people who are trying to overcome addiction. Many aren’t aware of the different options available to them. In fact, they think that they are destined to continue on the path of self-destruction, unable to get the help they need. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Rehab is a beneficial option for just about anyone seeking help with addiction, and knowing all the options for funding this process can help make the process easier. 

Funding Rehab

When it comes to getting professional help to overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol, how to pay for it is one of the first questions that someone asks themselves. Funding rehab can seem to be overwhelming, but there are options to help individuals who are looking to get better. From grants and scholarships to using insurance, these options can help lighten the load and help with the financial burden associated with rehab.


With the number of individuals who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction rising every day, it is no secret that help is a crucial part of saving the lives of these individuals. For individuals who need help, but don’t have the insurance to cover it, rehab is still attainable. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMHSA, is one place that offers grants to help with funding rehab. Doing research and reaching out for these grants helps in these situations.

Government Programs and Funding

Across the country, there are different government programs set in place to aid in funding rehab for individuals who do not have the capability of using private insurance. State funded treatment programs offer assistance with little to no cost for individuals who are seeking help. These programs generally have longer waitlists, and requirements to get into the program. Research and reaching out can help address any questions someone may have about these programs.


Private treatment programs recognize the need for help in the communities they serve. They realize that not everyone has the ability to get help using insurance, and they don’t have extra money for funding rehab. In these instances, many different programs offer treatment on a scholarship basis. Each program will vary, and the number of scholarship opportunities is limited, but again, reaching out and asking about these opportunities is the best way to know if a scholarship is available.


When the options of grants, government-funded programs, and scholarships are unavailable, individuals seeking help can privately pay for addiction treatment. Most programs will offer a discounted rate for individuals looking to pay out of pocket for professional addiction help. These individuals have the ability to ask friends and family for help funding rehab, or apply for a loan to help offset the cost. Addiction treatment programs understand the financial burden that addiction can cause, and they generally can work with individuals who are seeking to begin a life of recovery. 

General Insurance

The best option for funding rehab is by using private insurance. This is insurance obtained through the marketplace, work, or through the parents of a dependent child. Private insurance is usually paid for either out of pocket or through a job. These companies providing coverage generally have coverage for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, as it is a chronic and relapsing condition. Private insurance generally has a greater scope of coverage versus state insurance policies. Because it is privately paid for, and not given free from the state, private insurance will usually cover a grand scope of things, with minimal financial responsibility. Outside of deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, private insurance will usually cover most if not all the cost of funding rehab.

Using insurance for funding rehab can ease the financial burden and usually requires less of a waiting period so those who are struggling can get help quickly. Understanding the full scope of insurance coverage can help individuals to get the help they need. The best way to know the details of coverage is to ask. Either calling the insurance and getting details, or reaching out to a rehab can answer questions regarding the details. Rehab facilities do what is known as verification of benefits, meaning they call and get specific coverage details and can relay the information. This can help clear up any confusion, as well as give specific details of any given plan as they vary across the board. Reach out to get specifics and begin getting this necessary help.

Overcoming Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a struggle that many people face on a daily basis. Many want to seek out professional help, but don’t know where to begin. It can feel overwhelming and daunting to even think about. However, those who are struggling often find themselves needing this care in order to overcome physical dependence and begin a healthier, happier lifestyle. If you or a loved one are struggling, we can help.

Lexington Addiction Center offers a program geared toward helping individuals set and achieve goals for overcoming addiction and healing. Call us today and begin on the path to recovery.