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What Are the Risk Factors of Dual Diagnosis?

March 17, 2023
Dual diagnosis treatment can be a scary thought. Suffering with mental health concerns is a difficult undertaking, but when substance abuse complicates a men…

Practicing Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

March 10, 2023
eryone who struggles with drug and alcohol addiction has different reasons for using substances, however a common denominator in a lot of people’s stories is…

Can You Get Addicted to Percocet?

March 3, 2023
Using prescription painkillers can lead to a number of different consequences. But can you get addicted to Percocet? Absolutely. Using prescription opiates, …

Can Depression and Anxiety Cause Memory Loss?

February 17, 2023
Depression and anxiety can affect the body in many different ways. They both wreak havoc on the person’s mental state and physical wellbeing. But can depress…

What To Expect At A 12-Step Meeting

February 10, 2023
Once the beginning stages of getting clean and sober are done, what is next? Going to meetings is highly suggested to maintain the work that was put in durin…

Can You Convince Someone to Go to Rehab?

February 3, 2023
Drug and alcohol addiction impacts the lives of not only the person with addiction but their loved ones as well. Family members, co-workers, employers, and f…

28 Addiction & Mental Health Resources For Asian American College Students

January 29, 2023
Mental health and substance abuse issues have been rising among Asian American college students in recent years. Studies have shown that this population face…

Eight Key Life Skills in Addiction Recovery

January 20, 2023
Life skills in addiction recovery are essential to learning how to live life productively. Learning and implementing these skills into your day to day routin…

The Link Between Addiction and Divorce

January 13, 2023
Those who suffer from addiction to drugs and alcohol tend to have problems in all areas of their lives, and marriages do not go unscathed. The correlation be…

Is Addiction Hereditary?

January 6, 2023
Whether addiction is hereditary has been a commonly asked question over the years. There’s been studies on the subject, there’s been statistics released, and…
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