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Selecting a Rehab Facility

Selecting a rehab facility may seem like an overwhelmingly daunting task when someone is struggling with mental health or substance abuse. However, for these individuals, knowing the different options and what to look for when seeking help can be beneficial for selecting the best fit for them. Committing to and attending rehab can help individuals who are struggling to learn the necessary life and coping skills they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle while continuing to treat their condition. Whether it be mental health, substance abuse, or both simultaneously, rehab can be a vital component to getting better.

Decide: Inpatient or Outpatient?

Part of selecting a rehab facility consists of deciding on inpatient or outpatient. Some people will need a more intensive and in depth process for treatment that may require an inpatient level of care, and this will depend on the severity of the situation. However, knowing the differences between inpatient and outpatient can be beneficial. Inpatient is a process in which an individual stays on campus 24/7 and has round the clock medical care available.

This allows symptoms to be addressed as they arise, and prevents further complication. It helps individuals struggling with substances like drugs and alcohol to remove the substances from their body. It also helps those struggling with mental health to become more stable. Conversely, an outpatient rehab is a level of care in which a person continues to live at home or in a sober living environment and attends a therapeutic and supportive rehab facility during designated times.

This can be daytime or night time, allowing those with jobs to continue working while getting much needed care. It is a more flexible option that is ideal for individuals who are more stable and don’t require the more intensive treatment methods.


Selecting a rehab facility that has proper accreditations is crucial for the rehab to be able to provide the needed services. A CARF accreditation shows that the rehab facility has a commitment to continuously improving their services. The clients attending CARF accredited programs receive state of the art, up to date treatment methods and can rest assured that they will begin healing in a positive environment. There is also a Joint Commission accreditation that rehab facilities can receive.

These accreditations are given to facilities promoting quality and safety in healthcare. Researching and knowing what accreditations are given to a facility can let someone know the extent of their desire and commitment to improving their services for the clients that they treat.

Services and Level of Care

When selecting a rehab facility, knowing the services and levels of care that the facility provides can help with the decision making. Services like trauma therapy and medication assisted treatment (MAT) can help individuals who struggle with substance abuse to begin their process of healing and maintain recovery. The different levels of care provided by a rehab can include detox, residential, PHP, IOP, and OP.

Detox and residential would be more intensive levels of care, providing inpatient care, while PHP, IOP, and OP are less intensive and are considered to be an outpatient level of care. Many inpatient facilities maintain relationships with outpatient facilities in order to help individuals get the best care possible, while attending a facility that can cater to their specific wants and needs. This allows for the individual seeking help to continue their journey with a full continuum of care.

Define Personal Goals

Knowing what personal goals an individual is looking to achieve can help when selecting a rehab facility. For example, people who have experienced trauma and struggle with PTSD may want to begin healing from the traumatic event. Therefore, finding a rehab facility that offers trauma therapy would be more beneficial than one that does not. Those who struggle with chronic relapse often benefit from MAT and would gain more from a facility that offers this form of treatment. Knowing what is needed or wanted for the individual seeking help can make the process of choosing the right place a lot easier, and less overwhelming. 

Research Reviews and Testimonials

Most facilities provide reviews and testimonials from previous clients who have received care from them. Researching and reading these reviews and testimonials can help someone seeking help to gain a better insight into a particular rehab facility. These reviews can be both positive and negative, so the person seeking help can get a clear understanding of pros and cons of any given facility. Going through the reviews and testimonials is beneficial for individuals seeking help to know whether a facility is the right fit for them and their needs. 

Begin Recovery Now

Struggling with substances and mental health is a challenge that numerous people face on a daily basis. Finding the right rehab is vital for these individuals to find recovery and begin healing. If you or a loved one are struggling, you are not alone, and there is help available. At Lexington Addiction Center we provide care for these individuals to begin their healing process, and gain control of their life back. Call us today to begin the process and begin to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.