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The Dangers of Mixing Adderall and Xanax

Adderall and Xanax are medications with legitimate uses and effectively treat the disorders they are intended to treat. However, these substances are often abused and misused for the effects that they can have on an individual. The impacts that these two drugs have on a person can be severe, affecting the health, mental health, and lifestyle of the person that is struggling. Mixing them together only heightens these impacts.

The Dangers of Mixing Adderall and Xanax

Most prescription drugs come with a warning label. Often this label states not to mix them with alcohol, or operate heavy machinery. There are also warnings that say not to mix them with other drugs. Mixing adderall and xanax can be extremely dangerous. While they are effective in the treatment of the conditions they are used to treat, they also carry the potential for abuse and addiction. Mixing these two drugs can lead to dangerous results that can affect a person’s health and overall well-being. 

These two drugs have different effects. Xanax is a “downer” while adderall is an “upper”. It is common for people to mix uppers and downers when abusing drugs like adderall and xanax. This is a dangerous practice. The interaction of these two drugs can heighten the effects of one, leading to using more of the other one in order to level out the feelings. When an individual does this, it can lead to severe impacts to their health, and it also increases the risk of overdose. 

Xanax Use and Effects

Xanax is a prescription drug commonly used in the treatment of anxiety, panic, sleep, and seizure disorders. It is a benzodiazepine drug and works as a central nervous system depressant. It works by increasing GABA activity in the brain, and produces calming effects. The effects of Xanax on GABA in the brain reduces over-excitement and over-activity in the brain that can contribute to panic and anxiety disorders. 

While Xanax is considered to be relatively safe when prescribed and monitored by a medical doctor, it comes with risks. When abused, Xanax can lead to impacts to health and mental health. The effects that Xanax can produce are what makes them so highly abused. The effects of this drug include drowsiness, slowed heart rate and breathing, a sense of relaxation, and euphoria. The latter being one of the highly sought after effects.

Adderall Uses and Effects

Combining amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, Adderall is a stimulant drug used to effectively treat those who suffer with ADHD and narcolepsy. Its intent is to create an ability to focus and relieve restlessness and hyperactivity. It also works as a stimulant in the brain, affecting dopamine and norepinephrine. Despite its legitimate medical uses, this drug often is abused. This is due to the effects that Adderall can have on someone who isn’t struggling with the disorders it is intended to treat. It can lead to an increase in energy, alertness, and a sense of productivity. In those who abuse this drug, there is a risk of arrhythmia, high blood pressure, increased heart rate and stroke. 

Xanax Withdrawal

Abusing Xanax can result in dependence and addiction on the substance. When the body becomes dependent on it, if Xanax use is abruptly stopped, it can result in some severely uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Xanax withdrawal can be extremely dangerous and it is highly recommended to be medically monitored through this process. 

Xanax withdrawal symptoms can include things like anxiety and panic attacks, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, headaches and nausea. Along with these symptoms there can be some more severe withdrawal symptoms that could arise. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea can occur and lead to dehydration in the individual going through Xanax withdrawal. It can also result in heart palpitations, hallucinations, delirium and seizures. These are some of the more severe symptoms of Xanax withdrawal.

Adderall Withdrawal

Much like Xanax, Adderall abuse also leads to dependence and addiction. Once an individual’s body has become dependent on this substance, it can be extremely difficult to stop using it. When someone abruptly ends the use of Adderall, there may be some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that could arise. These symptoms include things like depression, restlessness, fatigue, nausea, trouble sleeping, and stomach aches and cramps. Along with these symptoms, someone who ends Adderall abuse can also exhibit symptoms of intoxication. It can make them seem as though they are hungover or drunk. Vomiting can occur which, as previously stated, can result in dehydration. 

When making a decision to end Adderall and Xanax abuse, it is highly beneficial and recommended to seek professional help. This can help prevent some severe complications associated with withdrawal, and help to address mental health concerns that could arise.

Healing From Addiction

Struggling with substances is a rough road to be on. Adderall and Xanax are no different. The impacts that these substances can have on a person’s life and emotional well-being can be severe. Mixing these two substances can lead to further impacts. If you or a loved one are struggling, there is help available. At Lexington Addiction Center we strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for a person to begin their journey to recovery. Call us today and begin your journey.